earth wisdom


Holistic Massage Therapy & Wellness
+ Plant-based Nutrition 


Earth Wisdom Therapy uses a (w)holistic whole-body approach to promote true therapeutic healing within the body. Our services include massage therapy, structural bodywork, plant-based nutrition, and wellness plans. It takes a well rounded wellness regimen to live the most fulfilling discomfort-free life. 


Our massages aren’t the typical, leave-you-in-tears, deep tissue sessions that you might have experienced before. We believe that massage therapy should assist in bringing the body back to balance. To do this, we combine deep stretching, soft tissue focused modalities, and deep tissue techniques to give the most effective massage possible. It will be relaxing, restorative, and can rebalance the body. 


The body is a powerful work of art that is fully capable of healing itself but sometimes needs a bit of assistance from an outside source. Schedule a session to experience the art of bodywork, where therapeutic massage addresses the root issues instead of covering up symptoms. 


We proudly serve all people but especially womxn, minorities, and the LGBTQ+ community. 


Bodywork/Massage Therapy

Each of our bodywork sessions take the individuals needs into account, resulting in a session that varies by person. However, most sessions do include a variation of techniques including myofascial release, trigger point therapy, deep tissue, and joint range of motion.  This type of massage is the perfect mix of relaxation with therapeutic results. You can expect medium pressure, with lengthening moves, and relaxation. You will leave feeling refreshed! 

What our clients say

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