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This session is a complimentary 20-30 min session that allows us to meet. Choosing a certified holistic nutritionist to help guide your journey is a big decision and I want to make sure that you feel we will be a good fit to work together. You will also get the opportunity to get additional information about my (w)holistic treatment style and how it benefits you most.

We can complete this call via Skype, Google Hangouts, or FaceTime or in office.





This option is for individuals that are committed to making major life changes and provides the MOST support available. We will do an extensive initial consultation which is followed up with a customized life transition plan. It includes a month of weekly meal plans, a pantry sweep and grocery run, unlimited email support, weekly follow up appointments and one final appointment at the end of the month.



Intake Process

This 1-hour session is the most important as we will be working together to create a nutrition plan that works best for you. We will discuss current food choices vs. choices for optimal wellness. Will include a very thorough health history review to identify what types of lifestyle choices will best serve you. We will also discuss your goals, current situation, and any other healthy history/ life background information that is essential to your growth! After your Initial Consultation, you will receive a customized plan which includes your dietary, supplemental and lifestyle recommendations to get you back to feeling your best. Includes follow up emails for support.





Pantry Sweep and Grocery Run w/ Education- Are you ready to eat better but don’t want to commit to anything? This option is perfect for you. We will go through the foods that you currently have on-hand and create a donate pile with the foods that aren’t helping you get to your goals. After discarding the foods, we will head to your favorite grocery store. During the grocery store visit, we will discuss food choices, practice reading labels, and compile all of the major ingredients needed to restock your pantry!


(**Cost of food NOT included in service price. Local clients only**)





After you start implementing changes into your life, you will start recording the changes that you notice. Maybe there is just one small thing that you can’t seem to get around or maybe something else is REALLY working well for you. All aspects of changes will be discussed and adaptions noted to ensure long term success and results.





Subscribe to receive a new meal plan weekly. I will utilize the new client paperwork to develop a meal plan custom for you. This ensures that all meals satisfy your taste buds! Take the worry out of meal planning by letting me do the work. Meal plan subscriptions also include grocery lists. Pricing is per month. 



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