2019--A Time for change

2019 was the year that allowed me to transition and do more of what brings me the most joy. I changed my focus from working with mostly athletic individuals and outdoor enthusiasts to focusing on women in all walks of life.

As a mother myself, I’ve been fascinated with pregnancy and motherhood ever since I first experienced it myself. Over the past 6 years I’ve learned what I like and don’t like about traditional pregnancy and postpartum care. I’ve walked side by side with some of the most inspirational women that I’ve met. These women have committed their lives to educating and empowering other women to make informal decisions that benefit the wellbeing of themselves and baby. I’ve experienced the disappointment of care from healthcare professionals and I know how lonely things can feel at times.

I appreciate every single opportunity that I’ve received this year to work with ALL individuals but I am holding the experiences with expectant individuals close to my heart. I’m developing a circle of other wellness professionals and birth workers. The ones that hold the light and space for the ones under their care. 2020 is filled with so many new connections, partnerships, and offerings. I can’t wait to tell you more!

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