2019 Massage Therapy Foundation Grant Program

The Massage Therapy Foundation is currently accepting applications for the 2019 Community Service Grant for organizations providing massage to people in need. This allows individuals who desperately need massage but normally might not get the opportunity due to finances.

Some grant recipients in the past include women with postpartum depression & anxiety, survivors of domestic violence & sexual assault, and even individuals in #lakewoodcolorado with spinal cord injuries.

From their website:

Awards are granted to provide therapeutic massage and bodywork to communities or groups who may have little or no access to such services and who are in some way(s) marginalized by society, with the intention of enabling such communities to achieve their health potential. Awards may also be granted to provide therapeutic massage and bodywork in more mainstream contexts where it is not yet available. These awards are designated to promote working partnerships between the therapeutic massage and bodywork professions and community based organizations.

The Massage Therapy Foundation provided a pdf with additional information about who should apply and how to apply. Download it here! You can also view their full website here.

This is an incredible opportunity for organizations that qualify. I urge you to apply now!

Have a stress free day!

Stephanie Kennedy, LMT

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