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There once was a time that I spent 8+ hours a day working management positions. It wasn’t something I was passionate about but it sure did pay the bills. I knew that something was off though and I wasn’t TRULY living. This is what first started my search for the perfect career. I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted but I did know that I wanted to do more and help people. It was when I lived in Louisville, KY that I first started discovering holistic alternatives and homeopathic remedies to make myself and my family feel better. I soon discovered the healing art of acupuncture and made the decision to move to Colorado in order to pursue acupuncture school. My first job in Colorado was for a very popular Acupuncture clinic located in Denver. During my time there I realized that there were other cheaper alternatives to acupuncture school. This is when I found my passion for massage therapy. After completing massage therapy school it was obvious that I wanted to work for myself and find other ways to help others.


During my own personal journey to improving my health and wellness, I discovered the importance of clean healthy foods and how drastically they can benefit our bodies. Through following a plant based diet I have resolved digestive issues, gotten rid of acne and skin conditions, managed anxiety and depression, improved my energy levels, destroyed brain fog, and much, much, more. It started to seem crazy to me that it was SO EASY to live a happier and healthy life but so many people didn’t know about it. I want more people to feel their best!


I preach about massage therapy, vegan foods, and natural living because it has TRANSFORMED my life. I used to be overweight, exhausted, and living life in pain.

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