Benefiting You

Yes, I'm talking to YOU! The person that is taking the time to read this post. Clearly something about the title or description interested you if you are reading this right now. When people think of businesses they typically think of an individual who is trying to make money by selling something, an idea, or providing services. This is very accurate, but typically the W H Y behind the business idea is lost in translation. The other day I took some time to think about that W H Y. What are the reasons that make me excited to work on my business every. single. day ? The biggest thing that I came up with was: Y O U!

You are important.




I mean it!

This blog post is dedicated to breaking down what I do and how it is beneficial to you. I can guarantee that my massage therapy sessions or holistic nutrition counseling services WILL positively impact you in some way. In fact, if you disagree, you get your money back. Just like the old school commercials, I offer a money back guarantee for your satisfaction. There is nothing worse than spending money on something that you aren't totally happy with. I get it!

Massage Therapy

Who can benefit:

⫸Individuals who suffer from chronic pain

» Back Pain

» Neck Pain

» Shoulder Pain » Arm/Wrist Pain

» Feet/Legs

⫸Women (of any age)

» Hormonal Imbalances (PCOS, Endometriosis, Irregular cycles)

» Pregnant Women

» Postpartum Support » Infertility Support

» Wellbeing

⫸Individuals with Emotional/Mental Imbalances

» High Stress

» Anxiety

» Depression

» Enhanced Wellbeing

We now know that massage therapy is as important as ever. So many individuals can address issues they face without the use of prescription medications, medical procedures, and other costly solutions. Massage is more than just a thing you do to relax. It uses a (w)holistic approach to analyze the root issues within the body. Not only does the issue get taken care of, but the inconvenient symptoms disappear as well.

Do you fall into one of the above groups? Are you skeptical of how massage therapy can benefit you? I do offer shorter 30-min session which allows focus on one area of the body. Feel free to email with any questions or concerns that you might have!

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Until next time,

Stephanie Kennedy

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