Things are Changing

We have some bigger changes than just our logo upgrade! You may have noticed the lack of posting and community events recently. Like many local businesses, COVID has changed the way that we operate and do things around here. In the past, most of our service focus was around bodywork. Although bodywork is incredibly important, we realize that there are more ways we can make wellness accessible to everyone. As of now, we are not doing any hands on bodywork sessions. However, we are offering:

◈ 1-on-1 virtual bodywork sessions

◈ Self-massage classes for individuals and couples

◈ Holistic Nutrition Services

◈ Lifestyle Wellness Coaching

◈ Self-massage products

How does a 1-on-1 virtual bodywork session work?!

Many are probably asking this question right now! Prior to a virtual bodywork session, you will complete the digital intake paperwork which gives thorough information about the pain you are experiencing. During the first session we will review paperwork, go over goals, and address any questions can be answered at that time. After the appointment is over, a treatment plan will be prepared which includes self massage techniques, video tutorials, information about trigger points, and additional information that can help relieve the pain experienced. Follow up sessions can be scheduled for guided self massage instructions.

*Appointments are $50 for one hour and includes a thorough follow-up treatment plan.*

Another option available is self-massage and couples massage classes. During these appointments, you will learn how to massage yourself as well as how to massage a partner. We will spend the hour discussing various massage techniques as well as actually do hands on work. You'll use how to use your hands as well as massage tools to achieve pain free results. During the couples classes, we will talk about foot massage, neck/shoulder massage, as well as back massage. These are the most common types of massages that couples ask us about! It's important to know how to address your own pain!

Learn how to eat healthier, spend less money, reduce inflammation in the body, and feel your best after meals! Our holistic nutrition services teach the basics of transitioning to a plant-based lifestyle. Many health conditions come back to the foods that are put into our bodies. Following a plant based diet can fuel your body while eliminating common allergens that disrupt the body.

During the discovery call, you can learn more information about our services and ask any questions that you might have. The intake appointment allows us to review the lifestyle history paperwork as well as discuss goals and intentions. A thorough treatment plan is then sent which includes food recommendations, recipes, and a treatment plan.

The 4-week and 6-week programs includes much more than just the basics! It's the ultimate plant -based transition program that makes things as easy as possible for your transition.

Are you ready to change your whole lifestyle for your wellness? Lifestyle wellness coaching sessions allow us to meet you exactly where you are and make subtle changes in all aspects of your life. This starts with the basics of overcoming any self-limiting beliefs and results in changes that improve ones life in many ways. During coaching sessions we will work together to discover what variables are viewed as issues, address any blockages, and discover what lifestyle changes will best benefit you.

Includes but not limited to:

-Making positive food changes

-Eliminating caffeine, alcohol, or other addictive substances

-Incorporating healthy self-care techniques

-Sustainable living practices

-Eliminating harmful body and home products

-Changes in mindset

Lastly, you will be able to purchase products that will help you take care of yourself through self care practices.

We can't wait to connect with you!


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