Is Rest The Secret To Success?

I often spend time browsing through headlines on entrepreneur, business, and personal development websites in my "free" time. I've seen the advice, countless times, to slow down and that busier isn't better. At first I refused to believe that such a thing could be true! How could you succeed if you weren't always working on something? Then I decided to stop being stubborn and to consider the things that I was reading.

I put the tips and tricks to the test and my life changed in a few ways. My favorite result was the fact that I started stressing MUCH less. If you stop thinking about work for more than a moment (*wink 😀*) then your brain has a chance to process things a bit differently. It doesn't feel like everything is urgent and fighting for attention. In the past, there wasn't a moment that I didn't feel anxious about something. Usually it was about work (shocker!) or the things that I wasn't doing because I was busy working. This brings me to my next point....






Living in a constant state of guilt for not doing important things for your self or family is a really terrible way to feel. If your schedule is packed full every single day, it rarely allows time for self-care or time with family. This is a major thing for a lot of other individuals as well. No one wants to look back and think about missed memories simply because they were too busy. Whether you are single, married, or have a family, other people in your life appreciate your appearance and time too!

The most surprising change that happened when I started to utilize my time a bit differently is that I started to know myself a little more each day. What I mean by this, is that I know when I'm productive and when I'm just going to waste time probably scrolling through some app or website. Now I work on most of my stuff during my productive hours. This is the timeframe that I know I'm most focused and can actually get good work done. I'm not saying there are times when I'm just straight shitty at what I do, but I definitely know when I get most stuff done. For me personally, I enjoy working between 8 a.m.-12 p.m. It's an even better time when I've consumed a latte from one of my favorite local coffee shops. Scaling back and adjusting the work/life balance is a sure way to identify ways that you can live your BEST LIFE!

The article Why Rest Is the Secret to Entrepreneurial Success on gave a couple of really great ideas for slowing down and taking a rest. Some of these ideas include:

Start small -- and take breaks

Reserve time for reflection

Challenge your body

Embrace the digital Sabbath

I personally believe that a combination of these things can really make a big difference in your personal life as well as any entrepreneurial endeavor you pursue. We now know that YES rest is the key to success!

-Stephanie Kennedy

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