New Year=New Success

Imagine that its now the end of 2020 and you’re surrounded with success, friendship, and an abundance of love. You have the support from the people that mean the most to you. Every person in your circle wants to see you succeed. They’ve went to your event, promoted you to their friends, and just show up for you. A few of your acquaintances were left behind and you picked up a few new friends along the way.


The money in your bank account flow freely and you never have to worry about money. You purchase the things that you want and there is no such thing as second thought. Buying necessities while on a budget isn’t even anywhere in your realm of the current lifestyle you life. You are now able to make more memories by going places and enjoying moments with the special ones in your life.


Love surrounds you every where that you turn. Not just from your supportive friends but the family that you’ve pieced together along the way. Your partner(s) are on the exact page as you and push you just as much as they do themselves. You hustle together, align together, and win together. Imagine your heart always feeling like it could burst from an overwhelming amount of love.


All of the above sounds ideal, right? It’s literally just a few actions away. It starts with being very very R E A L about where you currently are vs. where you want to be. Identify what is holding you back from having that awesome end of 2020 year. Is it because of the people you surround yourself with, or the way you spend your time, perhaps its the current spending habits that are present. Regardless, now is the time to access, plan, and put a realistic plan into action.


1.Get a journal to record the work that you put in to making whatever vision you have REAL! Write down your goals, your feelings, and anything else that can free up space in your brain.

2.Get a planner and actually plan out your day by the hour! How many times have you said you were going to do various things but never do because of procrastination, forgetfulness, or lack of accountability? Writing it down is a easy way to visually connect your obligations to an actual timeline. You are the only one who can control you.

3.Pick up some new books. Your current mindset isn’t working for you. Before you fight me on this, if you were doing everything you should be, then your life would be different right now. Am I right? You know I am.


Let’s go into this new decade with the right mindset. We can all commit to strengthening our communication skills, learning new things, making new connections, and bettering ourselves to prepare for all the success that the new year and next DECADE can offer to us.

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