Pelvic Imbalances: The link between hip and low back pain

Pelvic Distortions can be present in all individuals but especially pregnant individuals and those who have been pregnant in the past. The growing and ever changing body needs to make space for a growing baby. The body releases relaxin which causes the hips to widen and the muscles, tendons, and ligaments to relax or soften. Relaxin also allows for the SI joint and public symphysis to loosen up. This can make the pelvis and regions around it unstable which can cause pain in the low back, hips, and all the way down to the legs and feet.

During pregnancy the increased weight of the belly causes the pelvis tilts forward and the back compensates by trying to keep everything balanced. When the pelvis is out of balance and tilted more one way than the others, it causes the pelvic distortions. When the pelvis isn’t balanced, you can almost always expect pain to present itself in one way or another throughout the body.

Types of Pelvic Imbalances:

✴︎Anterior Tilt


✴︎Whole Pelvic Torsion

✴︎Ilium Rotation


✴︎The Common Triple

Each of these pelvic imbalances are different in their own way but have similar treatments to correct the imbalances. A lot of focus is on soft tissue release, balancing around the pelvis, and the use of myofascial technique.

Self-tips for Pelvic Imbalances

▶️Use both feet to distribute weight evenly when getting up from a seated position

▶️Maintain proper posture throughout the day

▶️Sleep with a pillow between your legs

▶️Avoid standing on one leg or one side of the body. Favor both sides equally

▶️Stand straight as if someone is pulling on a string through the top of your head

Although self-tips can be helpful the best thing is to work with a licensed professional. You can schedule a one-on-one session that will analyze your current pelvic presentation, create a massage treatment that addresses current pelvic imbalances, and teaches specific self-care routines to target issues. Send a message to secure your appointment today.

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