The Focus on Millennials

You can find various information regarding to the age range of the millennial generation, but most say that it includes anyone born between 1980-late 1990's. This generation includes some of the most free spirited, creative, influential, intelligent, and hardworking individuals that I know. I think we can all agree that it is also the generation that has changed the way we look at society, standard lifestyles, and the future. It is probably the most hated and misunderstood by the older generation as well. (Based off of internet research. HA!)

As you may know, Earth Wisdom Therapy is a new business that just started taking in-office clients in January 2018. Even in this short amount of time, I've noticed a trend when looking at my schedule. Almost ALL of my clients fall into the millennial category. It started making me wonder at what age does one look to doctors for medical advice instead of turning to alternative health options such as massage therapy, acupuncture, TCM (traditional Chinese medicine), chiropractic, and nutrition.

I decided to have some discussions about healthcare views with friends, clients, and fellow colleagues. With no surprise, I've found that most of us agree that the current healthcare "situation" is disheartening and quite frankly seems backwards. This is the generation that wants to focus on their health NOW instead of repairing it later down the line. We know that advertising tactics over the years have reeled people into taking certain medications, eating bad foods, and picking up bad habits that have no benefit to them. A lot of 20-30 somethings also can't afford insurance or don't want it if they can't pay the incredibly high priced doctor/hospital bills that come along with being sick. Do you know how scary it is when you think something urgent is wrong but you CAN'T go to the doctor?

So, what is it that makes massage therapy and other alternative health options so attractive to millennials? Many people in their 20's-30's are questioning what we have been told for years regarding health and wellness. This generation is taking things into their own hands and doing all the required research to find out what they can do differently to live better a better life.

The answer is: Preventative Care & Commitment to Self-care

This generation knows that in order to resist diseases, pain, and other health issues, you must practice preventative care routines. Preventative care is the opposite of disease/sickness treatment. It is the act of looking at the body as a whole, assessing the imbalances, fixing the imbalances, and establishing routines that prevent issues from occurring. It can be a combination of things ranging from taking the time to meal plan, exercising, practicing yoga, doing pilates, strength training, acupuncture, massage therapy, or any other holistic wellness modality. Every individual is different, so what works for one might not be the best for another. It is simply doing everything possible to prevent the body from breaking down, getting sick, or functioning at less than a desired rate. The practice of doing these types of nursing things is called self-care.

Everyone can benefit from this type of mindset. Instead of only seeking out help when you are in pain or not feeling well, practice preventative care on a regular basis. Some ideas, including the ones mentioned in the article, are as follows:

-Massage Therapy





-Energy Healing

-Adult Sports Teams

-Find a hiking group


The focus of the media on Millennials makes me appreciate the viewpoints of these individuals so much more! As always, feel free to comment, email, or message on social media with questions, concerns, or to schedule. Scheduling is also available by clicking "Book now" on the website.

-Stephanie Kennedy, LMT

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