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Updated: Nov 19, 2018

When the idea first popped into my head for this blog, I immediately questioned if it sounded harsh. Ehh? Maybe? Hear me out on this one...

The type of work that I do is very effective, especially when the other person does their own fair-share of self-care routines. Actually, for my work to be effective, the client MUST actively participate in the healing process of their body. Identifying and addressing structural imbalances within the body takes some effort, very precise detailed work, and a lot of patience. Why? Because these "problems" or pain areas in the body didn't just appear over night.

You might see where I am going with this. Making significant changes to ourselves external or internal, takes commitment and a strong desire to want change. I want to help everyone improve their life. Is this feasible at all? No. Not everyone is ready to improve their life and that is totally fine! That just wouldn't be the ideal client for me. I support everyone regardless of where they are at currently on their journey. As they always say, "Healing is not linear".

So now that I explained myself a bit, lets go into the details of what makes an idea client.


Someone who is eager to create changes in their life.

They are ready to make some changes to improve their life. They are excited about the changes that are on the way to them. No matter how big or small. This is important because you can't make someone WANT to change something about their life.

Must be willing to let go of old thought patterns, repetitive actions, and unhealthy viewpoints of their body.

Let go of the things that didn't work in the past. If you already tried it and didn't receive some sort of positive result or satisfaction then LET THAT SHIT GO! (Sorry, but I need to add the urgency) Holding on to negative or ineffective solutions, ideas, patterns, or pain also holds us back from growth. You can't do the same thing and expect different results. Which leads me to the next point..

Open to all change, positive growth, and wellness improvement.

I can do all the corrective, pain relieving, therapeutic work possible but the client must be open to receiving the benefits of change. It's kind of like needing to believe in something for it to actually work in real life. Working at an Acupuncture clinic for a few years made me very aware of how many people are skeptical of things that they can't explain or don't understand fully. This hinders the full force of said treatment if you aren't fully trusting in the results. Welcome the change or improvement and it will come!

Accepting of the fact that there will be homework

Yes, you read that right! If you don't practice something then your body just forgets about it and the performance slowly goes downhill. This goes along with the last thing that I said. Bodywork is incredibly impactful to making changes in the body, but the client must continue the self-care work at home. During a typical session, if there is any sort of discomfort or pain, I will work with the client to identify WHERE this issues is coming from. WHAT is causing this problem to persist? HOW can we change it. Often times discomfort in the body is triggered by something minor that a person does daily. Maybe it's the way they put their arm on the door while driving. Perhaps the client works at a desk and slouches throughout the day. You can best believe I would tell them about stretching and taking standing breaks throughout the day. The point is, that there is always something that the client can do to help themselves be pain/discomfort free throughout their days. This can also lengthen the amount of time between needing massage therapy appointments.


Contact me or schedule an appointment today if you feel like you would be a good fit at Earth Wisdom Therapy. We welcome you!

Always yours,

-Stephanie Kennedy, LMT

Owner of Earth Wisdom Therapy

You are not broken.

Your body is not old.

You are not weak.

Let your body repair and heal itself.

Your body is so strong.

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