The Importance of Stress Reduction through Bodywork

There was a point in time when I’d say relaxing Swedish massage just wasn’t my thing. I wanted clients to know that I was there to help their body get back to balance through therapeutic massage and that their session wasn’t just to relax. However, the fact of the matter is that you MUST get to that relaxed parasympathetic nervous system state in order to “rest and recover”. This is the complete opposite of being in the sympathetic nervous response most commonly known as “fight or flight”. The nervous system is responsible for far more than many realize.

There is a very clear and direct correlation between prolonged stress and the incidence of chronic disease. Excessive and prolonged stress in the body negatively impact cellular longevity and overall health. Some health consequences associated with stress include:

-Arterial Damage



-Metabolic syndrome



-Weight gain

-Type II diabetes

-Increased blood pressure

-Increased blood sugar

and MORE!

Getting regular bodywork helps to down regulate the nervous system putting it into the parasympathetic state where true healing can take place. The body isn’t trying to fight nor is it is a state of chaos when relaxed. Data shows that cortisol levels are lowered significantly. During and after sessions the body is impacted not only on a physical level but also a chemical and cellular one as well.

We all face stress at certain points of life but it isn’t healthy to constantly be in a stressed state. Consider scheduling a session with me to help calm your nervous system as well as address structural imbalances, pain, and discomfort within the body. All treatments include a combination of various massage modalities that help improve range of motion, increase circulation, decrease adhesions (knots), and improve tissue mobility. Let’s not forget the most important part; bodywork sessions also promote relaxation! ✨

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