The Importance of Stretching

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Do you know the importance of stretching? We are always told make sure you stretch before running. Stories about a person waking up always mention them stretching first thing. How many of us are actually stretching out our bodies like we should? I’ll be the first one to admit that for MONTHS, I wasn’t stretching at all or at least not how my body wanted me to. I’m not a yoga instructor nor am I certified as a stretch professional, but I do know what feels good in my own body while stretching.


Not stretching left my body feeling tight all over. I’d move one part of my body and feel a strain in another area that I wasn’t moving. Everything just felt slowww and achy when put into motion. This is typically because of shortened muscles and the build up of fascia. You might not know what this word means but if you’re a client of mine or have been to a yoga class, you’ve probably heard it mentioned. It impacts our muscles, bones, organs, nerves, blood, and lymph. It determines how our body can move and where pain is held.


I choose to incorporate a blend of massage therapy modalities into my treatments with clients. Although my focus is on women’s health and wellness, I also work with pain issues for everyone. Most commonly my clients have neck, back, hip, or foot pain. I personally experience pain in my neck and feet, so stretching and regular massage are both essential for me to stay as flexible as possible. I pass this info over into action during my sessions. They typically combine myofascial release, some deep tissue, trigger point therapy, and joint range of motion.



✴︎5 reasons you should stretch✴︎

🙌🏼1.Reduced pain and stiffness

🙌🏼2.Decreased stress

🙌🏼3.Enhanced Range of Motion

🙌🏼4.Improved Musular Function

🙌🏼5.Improved Blood Flow & Circulation


Save this post for later! New post coming about Myofascial release, the effect of stretching on muscles and more!

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