The Importance of Supporting Local

Every single day we are faced with decisions regarding making typical day-to-day purchases. Some people don't think anything about it and will stop anywhere whereas there are others that plan out every single purchase in advance. Regardless of the category you fall into it's important to take a look into a different perspective. I believe it is necessary to make purchases and do business with as many local businesses as possible.

1. Support the local economy

I'd rather invest my money back into the local economy. When purchasing from a local business, the money typically goes right back into the community. It seems that most local business owners are more likely to spend money at other local businesses. This helps to keep money circulating in our local community rather then filling the pockets of unknown CEO's.

2. Build the community

It takes the whole community to build the community. When local businesses are given the resources to be more involved in the community, wonderful things can happen! Supporting local businesses allows them to stay in business and profit more. When a business receives support in the form of new clients/customers/guests they are able to make a bigger impact on the community. This allows more local business owners to connect and make strong connections.

3. Give the City Character

Local businesses absolutely make an impact on the community and really set the tone. A city is most remembered by the shops, businesses, foods, and attractions. By supporting local businesses, we are able to each contribute a bit of personality towards the type of city we want to live in!

4. Support Real People

Local businesses are owned by our neighbors, friends, and family. When you support a local business, you are helping someone provide a better life for their child, aid in unforeseen expenses, or even just helping them live paycheck to paycheck. Local business owners often play many roles and don't get paid for most of it. Support a local individual, family, or multiple family owned business in your community.

There are many more reasons why you should shop local but this is a list of our favorite top 4!

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