The Magic of a LMT

Just like any other human, I do a lot of the basic human things on a daily basis. Sometimes when I talk to people about my career they automatically believe I do "alien" like things just because I'm a massage therapist. It's a l w a y s been weird to me, but the more I open myself up and show my true personality, the more questions that I receive from others.

Yes, I'm able to palpate (feel) muscles and soft tissue to find problem areas.

Yes, I can find the issues without you telling me where the problem is.

Yes, I look at people from a structural perspective and identify imbalances.

Yes, I know what kind of pain a person is experiencing based off of the above statement.

Yes, I can ask questions about a persons lifestyle and come to a conclusion of where the pain is stemming from.

This does NOT make me magical

I'm not a rare species or anything

It does mean that:

I thoroughly know and understand the anatomy of the human body (and animals 🙃)

I understand how the body works to synchronize all systems

I take things back to the basics to find the root of the problem

I know that no-one is "broken" yet simply out of balance

So many people say that they are old, falling apart, or that their body hates them. It's simply not true, loves. We go through so many encounters in life that impact us mentally, emotionally, and even on a physical level. It's a matter of changing ones mindset and working with a professional to find and address the things that cause more pain or challenges. Massage therapists, acupuncturists, certain chiropractors, physical therapists, natural healers and anyone else practicing in the holistic/alternative healthcare world are trained to find the issues that are impacting your whole life.

It isn't magic but rather a different understanding of the human body and how to assist it with making peace within.

Schedule your appointment to find the peace your body desires.

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