The Pain That makes Everything Difficult

Have you ever woke up and realized, in a frantic state, that you can't move your neck? Or maybe you tried to reach for something but your shoulder just wouldn't allow you to move any more without a jolt of pain shooting from your shoulder blade. It's a scary feeling to loose function and mobility that we once had before. Not only is it scary, but it makes things incredibly hard to do. Even the most simple tasks such as brushing your teeth, combing your hair, driving in the car, looking at a family member, become painful and difficult.

Unfortunately, the scenario described above happens to a lot of people. Sometimes the pain persists for days, weeks, and even months. Luckily there is a solution to relieving this type of pain. The perfect combination of heat, stretches/muscle activation, and manual massage therapy can do the trick. At Earth Wisdom Therapy, our integrative massage therapy sessions include a combination of these things for treating pain.

The heat is typically used first to help relax the muscle and release some of the tension that has built up. When a muscle is in constant contraction it is pulled tightly causing tight muscles. The most common way that people can identify this muscle state, is when they say they hold tension in their shoulders. Most of us could probably feel that familiar feeling between the scapula (shoulder blade) and spine. It happens to the best of us whether or not we realize it. It is in the moments of not being able to turn our neck or pick something up that we notice just how severe things really are though.

After the heat is applied, it is then time for bodywork! Massage is used to lengthen and stretch out the muscles that are currently tight or contracted. Adhesions, commonly known as "knots", are worked out as well. New blood is directed to the area and old blood is flushed out. During this process, stretches are added in to make sure the muscles actively move. The stretches not only benefit the muscle health, but also aid in the mobility and strengthening of the joints. Movement also improves blood flow, promotes flexibility, and relieves stress. One additional thing that promotes faster results is using a CBD salve or oil. CBD aids in deeper muscle relaxation.

If you suffer from neck and shoulder pain, I bet a massage therapy session would be helpful for you. If you try it and you're NOT satisfied, simply let us know and your session is on the house. Yeah- Satisfaction Guaranteed! Schedule an appointment now!

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