Massage Gun

Self-massage is the easiest and fastest way to treat aches and pains. Massage guns allow you to simply choose the best massage tool attachment and then get started on the area in pain. Perfect for deep tissue and therapeutic massage. Lower settings are good for relaxation.

Massage Ball & Foam Roller

Treat all your muscle tension by rolling it out with this muscle roller and massage ball. The muscle foam roller is great for arms, legs, back, and glutes. The massage ball is perfect for muscles in the feet, neck, shoulder, and arms.

Acupressure Foot Tool

The perfect tool for releasing tension in the foot and neck. Use this tool to release pressure points and massage painful areas.

Massage Ball

Lacrosse Massage Balls are the perfect tool to work tense muscles. You can utilize your body weight to apply pressure to the area in pain. The ball is placed between you and a hard surface. You can use as much or as little pressure as you want to massage any area in pain. Lacrosse balls are ideal for glutes, hamstrings, back, shoulder, or foot pain. 

Massage Pressure Pad

This foot massage pressure pad is perfect for releasing tension in the feet. Sore feet are often times due to tight muscles in the legs and feet. This mat allows for self-massage  by stepping on the raised pad to stimulate and relax the muscles in the feet. Helpful for plantar fasciitis.



Stimulate acupressure points throughout the body with this acupressure mat!

Trigger Point Muscle Ball

This trigger point muscle ball is perfect for working out tension in your hands. Perfect for office workers, tattoo artists, writers, or anyone who writes and types a lot.

Pilates Ring

Pilates Rings or Pilates circles are one of the most popular exercise tools in the fitness world right now. Pilates focuses on improving range of motion, balance, strength, and toning of muscles. Can be used to strengthen arms, chest, shoulders, legs, and glutes.

Mandala Yoga


This mandala yoga wheel allows the body to stretch muscles, release tension, and opens the chest. Using the yoga wheel promotes flexibility and reliefs pain within the body.

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All products purchased through our website are fulfilled and shipped by a third party which keeps the costs as low as possible for you. Due to the nature of these products for self massage, we do not accept returns or exchanges unless the product is damaged. 1-on-1 sessions are available to learn how to properly use self massage tools.